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Light in Art brings beauty and comfort to a space with its unique stained glass designs. These designs include custom stained glass lighting, abstract glass art, and stained glass sinks.

Light in Art showcases the work of famous artist, Shimon Peleg, an international glass and stained glass artist with stores worldwide. His lighting creations fill space with warmth, intimacy and harmony. Each light design is a handmade masterpiece personally fitted to each client’s needs.

Owner and Interior Designer Michelle Krief specializes in ceiling and lighting design. She customizes each product to suit the individual needs of each project with her own personal flair.

Light in Art’s exquisite light and decor collections allow for contemporary designs in both residential and commercial hospitality spaces.

The Artist

After more than 20 years as a professor, Shimon Peleg chose to follow his passion and began his second career as a glass artist. Since 2006, Shimon Peleg has impressed the art world with his creative light fixtures, vitrage and abstract art pieces. He creates glass material from the inspiration of his surrounding. His art is a reflection of what he sees in nature.

Shimon Peleg

“Glass is a material with simplicity, mystery and challenge. My challenge is to lead glass into unique colors and shapes while keeping the qualities, originality and transparency of the material. As a farmer and earth lover, I drive my passion directly from nature. Nature is abundant and endless in it’s colors, textures and visions.”

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Clouds Over Kitchen Island

Clouds Over Kitchen Island

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Noesis Group – Los Angeles

Beverly Hills, CA Interior Designer: Noesis Group – Los Angeles Featured Lighting by Light In Art: Galaxy over Kitchen Table Medium Drops over Dining Room Table Tanzania in Stairway Tulips in Powder Room

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Les Deux Home – Beverly Hills

Les Deux Home – Beverly Hills Featured Fixtures: Grey & White Tanzania Shells in Powder Room

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Anaheim Project

Anaheim Project Featured Fixtures: Entry/Stairway: 12 Pendant Galilee in Honey & White Dining Room Chandelier: 33 Pendant White Drops with Clear sides Dining Room Sconces: 4 Grey with White Sides & 3 White with Grey side sconces

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Theater Entrance

Theater Entrance This Theater Entrance features our Shabbat Candles Chandelier in our White Glass.  

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